What are the steps involved in developing a new marketing project?

Step 1: By finding this page, you’ve already started. You are clearly ready to either develop or redesign your marketing collateral.

Step 2: Complete the creative brief. A creative brief provides a designer with the guidance needed to design marketing collateral that incorporates your desired marketing message, goals, and needs. Take your time filling out this questionnaire as it can help streamline communications to save time, effort, and money.

Step 3: Next, visit the Contact page and fill out the online form and click “send”. I’ll be in touch soon to schedule our first meeting.

Step 4: With your creative brief in hand, along with any other materials (such as previous samples of your marketing materials and/or samples of others’ marketing pieces that you like – and/or ones you don’t like), we’ll meet and discuss your project. Budgets and timelines will be noted.

Step 5: If you are ready to move forward, I’ll prepare a detailed estimate for the work discussed including a projected timeline for your review. If approved, a 50% deposit will be required to begin your project with the balance due on completion. For a multi-piece project, a payment schedule will be explained.

Step 6: Once the signed agreement is returned, the general workflow is as follows.

  • I will create initial proofs for your review.
  • You will review them and we’ll discuss your comments and changes.
  • I will make the agreed-upon revisions and provide another proof.
  • You will review the revisions and we’ll discuss the final changes.
  • I will make the final tweaks and provide a final proof for your approval.

Step 7: Delivery of final product.

How much will it cost?

Every project is different and pricing varies accordingly. I would be more than happy to discuss your project and provide an estimate. If you have budget restrictions, I can discuss options and cost-saving possibilities.

Am I the right designer for you?

Graphic design comes in many flavors and although certain design standards should be applied to any project, creative interpretation will vary from designer to designer.

I offer creative, clean, and professional designs which communicate to and resonate with your target audience. Please take a look through my Portfolio page to see some of my past work.

I need web hosting and a domain name. Can you help?

I’d be happy to take care of all that for you, however, you are more than welcome to set that up yourself.

Why do you ask about our budget?

I ask so that I can provide you with the best possible solutions, for an amount that you are prepared to spend. (I don’t ask so that I inflate our rates.)

If your budget will go further than you expected, I can discuss options available to improve the project and increase its success. Or, you can spend less on the project than expected, which is also good news!

Additionally, if you don’t have enough budgeted to do everything you want, we can help find cost-saving alternatives, or ways to complete the project in phases over time.

Have other questions? Feel free to contact me and you’ll hear from me in a jiffy!